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Extended Travel Support

Extended Travel Support


Extended Travel in India: After the Tour

Each year a hand full of our guests will stay on in India after the tour is complete for various lengths of time. The challenges of planning travel in India are many, but especially when planning from so far away. If you are planning to extend your India travel beyond the Journey to India Retreat, Sevanti Adventures would like to introduce you to our Indian travel agents and advisors, Kuldeep and Ritu Singh. We started collaborating with Kuldeep and Ritu back in 2015 and we are so grateful to work with them. They live in New Delhi, they know India inside and out, and know everything related to India travel. Lucky for all of us, they will be joining us on the Post Retreat Tour. Their travel company, Reliable Vacations, is one of the best in India. They can help you plan every detail of your travels including hotel reservations, book flights, luxury buses, private cars, rail ticketing, recommend sites to see, hire local guides, etc. They are extremely knowledgable, professional, reliable, and the kindest people you'll ever know.

Please Travel Safely

We at Sevanti Adventures must be very clear that any travel our participants pursue prior to and/or after the official tour dates is completely of your own avail and Sevanti Adventures releases any responsibility for your well being, safety, or success in your travels. That said, we wish you a very safe and adventurous continued journey.

For Extended Travel Assistance

For any assistance with planning your extended travels in India, Nepal, Bhutan, or Sri Lanka, we recommend you contact Kuldeep and Ritu Singh at +91-12-04241447 or send email to