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Electronic Devices

MANAGING YOUR DEVICES | There’s a good chance you will be bringing a few electric devices with you to India: a cell phone, iPad, hair dryer, digital camera, etc. Very important: you will need to bring a few power adapters with you. AyurSoma in Kerala may have a few on hand that you can borrow, but we recommend you bring them anyway for the Post Retreat Tour too. You also don’t want to be borrowing your roommate’s all the time either. The adapters are very inexpensive. A power strip with USB ports will allow you to plug in multiple devices from a single power plug. In some hotels there may only be one or two available outlets in the room.
INDIAN PLUG TYPES | India uses a 230 Volt, 50 Hz alternating current system as the power source. The US uses a 120 volt, 60 Hz system. That may sound Greek to you, but let’s just say that India, like most countries, is really different from our US power source. Indian plugs and sockets have either an ungrounded 2 pin connection (Type C) or a grounded 3 pin connection (Type D). The two pin plug is also called the ‘Europlug’ because Europe uses the same two pin plug. Needless to say, your electronic devices will not work in India unless you have a special power adapter which is compatible with the Indian outlets.
ADAPTERS | Because there are two types of Indian plugs, you’ll need two types of adapters to use your devices in India: a 2-pin Type C adapter and a 3-pin Type D adaptor. We recommend bringing a couple of each. Not only do these adapters help to convert the current to a level that our US devices can use, they also help with protecting our devices from surges in the current. The Indian electrical grid fluctuates in its intensity. There can be dips and surges of the grid. Good adapters will protect your devices from both.
RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS | See the links below for recommended brands on Amazon. Each guest should bring a couple of each adapter type (C & D), and a travel-sized surge-protecting power strip is really helpful.
European Travel Plug Adapter – Type C  (bottom left)
Hero Travel Supply Grounded Adapter – Type D   (bottom center)
Zettaguard Travel Surge Protector Power Strip with 5 USB Ports  (bottom right)

Type C Adapter

Type D Adapter

Power Strip