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India Domestic Flights

India Domestic Flights

India domestic flights are included in package rates. International flights are not included.


India Domestic Flights Included in Package

Domestic flights within India are required to fulfill the itinerary. These flights are included in your package rates and have been booked by Sevanti Adventures. There is nothing you need to do regarding inter-India travel. The information below is for your review only and for your family. We want your family members back home to know where you are at all times, what flights you are on, the itinerary from day to day, and most importantly, how to contact you at any time.

India Domestic Flight Details:

(1) Trivandrum to Varanasi | March 21, 2025
TRV-BLR | Flight # TBD | Flight Time TBD
BLR-VNS | Flight # TBD | Flight Time TBD
(2) Varanasi to Jaipur | March 23, 2025
VNS-DEL | Flight # TBD | Flight Time TBD
DEL-JAI | Flight # TBD | Flight Time TBD

India Airport Codes

TRV: Trivandrum International Airport | Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala | India
VNS: Lal Bahadur International Airport | aka Varanasi Airport | Babatpur, Uttar Pradesh | India
DEL: Delhi International Airport | aka Indira Gandhi Intl Airport | Delhi | India
JAI: Jaipur International Airport | Jaipur, Rajasthan | India

Kerala to Varanasi: TRV-VNS

March 21 is a long and much-anticipated travel day. We will fly from Kerala to Varanasi. AyurSoma will provide two buses to get our group and all luggage to Trivandrum Airport (TRV). It is crucial that we are on the bus and ready to go at 6:00 am. To make this possible, we require that all guests go to AyurSoma reception on the evening of March 20 for an early checkout. Each guest must check out individually so that incidental billings such as room service, laundry, etc are paid. AyurSoma will provide a light breakfast at the restaurant starting at 5:00am on the morning of departure. After breakfast, we recommend you bring all luggage to the reception area no later than 5:30am. AyurSoma staff must tag and ID each bag with the bag's owner before loading on the bus. So drop your bags and wait nearby until your bags have been identified, tagged, and loaded on the bus. Only then can you board the bus. Also, don't forget important items you keep in the safe in your room. Don't forget your passports!

Varanasi to Jaipur: VNS-JAI

On the morning of March 23, we will take a flight from Varanasi (VNS) to Jaipur (JAI). We anticipate a layover in Delhi (DEL).

Family Emergency Assistance

For assistance in reaching your family member at any time on this tour, feel free to call James Bailey at 310-393-4124 or send email to