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Kerala: Sattvic South India

Kerala is especially famous for it’s sweet, calm people, a slow pace of life, tropical backwaters, serene beaches, and rejuvenating Ayurveda. What creates all of these peaceful qualities? An unrivaled sattvic energy unlike anywhere in India, much less the word.

Sattva is a primal energy state that translates as “that which is pure”, or lightness of being. In Ayurveda, sattva is a state of mind, and thus used to describe a graceful personality type that is calm and at peace.
The heart and soul of the Kerala people is a reflection of the environment in which they live. Kerala’s lush environment, rich with beautiful waters, deep forests, and elephant reserves can be seen in the eyes of it’s people.

Innocent Nature

Kerala has more nature reserves than any state in India. With the Western Ghat mountains to the east and the Arabian Sea to the west, Kerala is lush and isolated from the world of India’s hustle and bustle. The human culture, fauna, and flora are all best described as divinely innocent.

Kerala can be divided into 3 geographical regions. 1) highlands, 2) midlands and 3) low lands . The highlands slope down from the Western Ghat mountains where you’ll find major plantations like tea, coffee, rubber, cardamom etc.
The midlands and low lands are rich in lakes, rivers, elephant reserves, and the famous backwaters, where the beauty of the water element slows things down to a calm, flowing meditation experience. Sattva is heightened by abundant water element that flows from the mountains to the oceans.

The Cradle of Ayurveda

Kerala is known throughout India as one of the most vibrant regions for Ayurveda. Maybe it’s the lush forests and pristine backwaters. Maybe it’s the slow and kind nature of it’s people. But the Ayurveda in Kerala is revered as the most nurturing and healing in all of India. Come and experience the cradle of Ayurveda, with it’s slow, nourishing style of rejuvenative treatments.