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Early Arrival Options

Early Arrival Options


Arriving Early

Some guests prefer to arrive at AyurSoma a day or two early on March 14 or 15 (or even earlier) to avoid the 3:00 am arrival time and to have that extra time to ground before the group arrives. Some guests would like a longer treatment period. You are free to do that at your own expense. You'll want to contact AyurSoma soon to book your room because rooms are often booked a year in advance. That said, people often cancel, so give it a try. Retreat guides will arrive one to two days in advance, so you’ll have company there if you need support. With this option, you can arrive at any time of day you like. Sevanti Adventures will communicate your flight arrival times with AyurSoma staff to arrange your private airport transfers at no additional cost - airport transfers are included in package fees. If you decide to arrive at AyurSoma early, you will need to email Chithra, the manager at AyurSoma, to check rates and book the room for your extra stay. See her contact information below.

Meal and Treatment Options

If you arrive on March 14 or 15, or earlier, you'll have time to start treatments ahead of the group if you like. If you choose to start treatments early, you'll need to request a treatment consultation with one of the Ayurveda doctors on your day of arrival. You will receive your first rejuvenation treatment shortly after your consultation. Arriving early, you'll want to request a full meal package as well. They call this a complete rejuvenation package: room + meals + treatments. If you prefer to start treatments on March 16 with the group, you can ask for just room and meals. Whatever you want they will provide. If you arrive late in the evening of February 5, we recommend that you tell AyurSoma you will not be taking meals and treatments for that night. You'll want to pay for the room only. You can always order room service when you arrive.

Booking Tips

Be sure to inquire and book your early arrival accommodations before booking your international flights. First inquire if a room is available. If not, you can either stay at a different resort or hotel or plan to arrive on March 16 with the others. When emailing Chithra to book your room, tell her you are with the James Bailey group, and that you would like to arrive before the group on March 14 or 15. If she has an available room, she will let you know. In the past, Chithra has offered a 10% discount on early arrival bookings. It's ok to remind her of that.

For Room Reservations Assistance

To book an early arrival (March 15 or earlier), contact Chithra at AyurSoma by email or phone.
AyurSoma Contact Information:
Chithra: General Manager
Address: AyurSoma Ayurveda Royal Retreat, Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695501, India
Phone: +91 471 226 6111