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Tipping is an important part of any Indian experience. People work hard to make our journey safe and enjoyable. They care for our bodies, cook our food, and clean our rooms. It is essential to return the love they’ve shown to us. A little bit goes a long way.
Segment 1 – Sacred Sap Retreat (south India): To the right, you will see a list of AyurSoma tipping beneficiaries and suggested amounts. Tips are offered at the end of the week. We will discuss how to give tips during one of our tour meetings.
Segment 2 – Post Retreat Tour (north India): We recommend a tip of $100 to our North India travel partners, Kuldeep and Ritu Singh. All other tipping is included in your Post Retreat Tour fees. Therefore, you are not required to tip the bus drivers, baggage handlers, or local tour guides unless you desire. They have already been paid and tipped.
Sacred Sap Retreat Tipping:
• AyurSoma Ayurvedic therapists: $100 for the week
• AyurSoma restaurant staff: $20 total for the week
• AyurSoma housekeepers: $20 for the week
Post Retreat Tour Tipping:
• Kuldeep and Ritu Singh: $100