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Aazhimala Siva Temple

On Day 2, we’ll gather at the AyurSoma restaurant, then take a beautiful 15 min beach walk to the nearby Aazhimala Siva Temple for a sunset Ganesh Ceremony. Turns out that the temple is broadly well known. The original name of the temple is Aaazhimala Pulinkudi Sree Mahadeva Temple. Pullikudi translates as cheetah, and it is believed that cheetahs once roamed the area. The location is sacred to Hindus because it is was one of the hideouts of the Pandavas, the famous brothers, including Arjuna, and main characters in the epic Mahabharata. They are thought to have lived in natural caves in the area. No shoes or cameras are allowed inside the temple.
Ganesha Puja | The Aazhimala Temple is dedicated to Lord Siva, his consort Parvati, and their child Ganesha, the elephant-headed ‘Remover of Obstacles’. At sunset, our group will perform a Ganesha Puja, a sacred ceremony that removes inner obstacles in our lives. The puja will be instructed to the group beforehand, but let’s just say it has something to do with releasing what holds us back in life and cracking coconuts at the Ganesha alter. It’s both spiritually therapeutic and fun. After the puja, we will witness daily pujas conducted by Brahmin priests to Lord Siva, Parvati and Ganesha with dozens of local families in attendance.