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Detailed Itinerary

The itinerary shown below is a brief overview of the tour schedule. For a more detailed look at daily schedules, download the Detailed Itinerary above.
Due to the ever-flowing nature of all things India, this form is subject to change at any time. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kerala | South India

Sacred Sap Retreat

March 16-21, 2025

Varanasi & Jaipur | North India

Post Retreat Tour

March 21-25, 2025

The Taj Mahal | North India

Taj Mahal Segment

March 25-27, 2025

Main Tour | Itinerary

The Sacred Sap Retreat

Day 1: Kerala | Arrival + Group Orientation

Welcome to India! | Upon arrival and check-in at AyurSoma in the early morning, we’ll hold an opening ceremony and orientation meeting to introduce everyone to the tour participants, tour guides, AyurSoma staff, and the Ayurveda Centre. Guests will meet with their Ayurvedic doctor for consultations and treatments.

Day 2: Kerala | Sunset Shiva Temple

Normal Daily Schedule | Day 2 is a light day with a focus on grounding, recovering from jet lag, and enjoying the morning yoga practice and Ayurvedic treatments. In the early evening we’ll take a leisurely walk on the beach to the nearby Aazhimala Siva Temple for a beautiful sunset Ganesha puja (ceremony). Crack coconuts and remove obstacles!

Day 3: Kerala | Jungle Boat Excursion

Modified Excursion Schedule | Day 3 is an adventure day. We’ll have an early yoga practice, then head out to tour the lush jungled Kerala Backwaters by jungle boat. Bring a bathing suit because we will stop at Golden Beach to take a swim in the Arabian Sea. We will return around noon in time for lunch and Ayurvedic treatments.

Day 4: Kerala | Rejuvenation Day

Normal Daily Schedule | Day 4 is another light day with a focus on enjoying the morning yoga practice, shopping at local merchant shops, and Ayurvedic treatments. AyurSoma tries each year to bring an elephant to our guests for a short elephant ride. If riding isn’t your jam, enjoy meeting the elephant and receiving a “Ganesha blessing”.

Day 5: Kerala | Kali Temple Excursion

Modified Excursion Schedule | Day 5 is an adventure day. We’ll have an early yoga practice, then head out to visit the Attukal Kali Temple in Trivandrum. We will visit the temple and make flower offerings to Kali at the inner sanctum. Bring a sincere loving heart, a handful of fragrant flowers, and be prepared to release whatever limits you in life.

Day 6: Travel Day | South to North India

Travel Day | We will say goodbye to AyurSoma and Kerala and fly north from Trivandrum to Varanasi. We’ll check into the super modern and cozy Radisson Varanasi.

The Post Retreat Tour

Day 7: Varanasi | Sunrise Ganga Rowboat Tour

Sightseeing Day | We will rise early in the morning to tour the Ganges by rowboat as the sun rises. We will make offerings to the Divine Mother with the guidance of a Hindu priest. We will return in the evening to witness human cremations at the Manikarnika Temple and the famous aarti (fire ceremony) dedicated to the Goddess Ganga.

Day 8: Travel Day | Varanasi to Jaipur

Travel Day | We will say goodbye to Varanasi and travel onward to Jaipur, the jewel of the Rajasthani Desert. We’ll fly from Varanasi (VNS) to Jaipur (JAI). We’ll check into a gorgeous 5-star heritage hotel.

Day 9: Jaipur | Amber Fort + Monkey Temple

Sightseeing Day | We’ll spend the morning exploring the very photogenic Amber Fort, the capital of the Kuchwaha Rajputs from the 11th to 18th century. We’ll also visit a 16th-century stepwell built to provide access to deep-lying groundwater. In the afternoon, we’ll visit the Galtaji Monkey Temple to make a few new furry friends.
On Day 10, we complete the Main Tour segment in Jaipur. We’re just a 6-hour bus ride away from the city of Agra and the Taj Mahal. If the Taj is on your bucket list, consider purchasing the optional Taj Mahal Segment. The extra two nights in Agra is totally worth it!
Purchase the Taj Mahal Segment

Day 10: Fly Home or Continue to Taj Segment

Travel Day | We will say goodbye to India and depart for home or hop on the bus and head for Agra and the Taj Mahal if you choose the optional add-on Taj Mahal Segment.

Taj Mahal Segment | Itinerary

Day 10: Travel Day | Jaipur to Agra

Travel Day | For those joining the optional Taj Mahal Segment, we will hop on the bus and head for Agra and the Taj Mahal. The ride is about 5 hours long, and we have the 5-star Taj Hotel to look forward to.

Day 11: Agra | Taj Mahal + Agra Fort

Sightseeing Day | We will stay at the 5-star Taj Hotel. This day is dedicated to the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort. We will rise early in the morning to tour the Taj as the sun rises. After lunch, we will visit the Agra Fort, the palace of the great Mughal emperors.

Day 12: Travel Day | Agra to Delhi to Home

Travel Day | On day 12, we will say goodbye to India. A 5-hour bus ride will return us to Delhi International Airport (DEL) for our final group goodbye.

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