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Daily Yoga Practice

We will begin each day in the south with a sweet gentle yoga practice, moving to the rhythm of the Arabian Sea, tropical birds, and the breath. Our simple yoga practice space overlooks the sea and is a special time of the day to connect to ourselves. The yoga also supports the healing procedures of the Ayurveda treatments later in the day.

The yoga offered on the Sacred Sap Retreat is intentionally slow and gentle. The Ayurveda doctors request that so that we get the most from our Ayurveda treatments. So, regardless of your age or physical ability, please feel comfortable to join us for morning practice.
AyurSoma Ayurveda Royal Retreat has dozens of modern yoga mats at the ready in the yoga hall, so no need to pack yours. Save precious space and weight in your luggage for bringing home some exciting Indian purchases.

Going with the Flow

Each day’s practice will emphasize the current stage of the experiential flow we’re having as a group. From transition, to connection, to surrender, to embrace, and to freedom, each day brings a new layer of evolution. Our yoga teachers are brilliant at bringing this growth process to the surface for a more mindful practice.