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International Calling Plans

INTERNATIONAL CALLING PLANS | We highly recommend that you check your cell plan to see if international calls to India are included. If not, consider an international calling plan. They can be affordable, you can discontinue it after you return home, and they allow you to access the Indian networks without expensive roaming charges, or having to purchase SIM cards and refill them with minutes. Another option is to use wi-fi to talk via FaceTime. Keep in mind that wifi can be a bit spotty, so should you need to make calls, an international calling plan is the safest option.
INDIAN NETWORKS |The Indian cell networks are actually quite good, and with the exception of some rural areas the reception is usually very good. When using an international calling plan you will see the name of the Indian network on your phone’s interface. Vodafone is a popular one. This tells you that you are on the Indian network to make your call or text. If you don’t have an international calling plan it will also mean that you are being charged huge fees to use their network. Those fees can add up to hundreds of US dollars and a very shocking bill when you get home.
MONTHLY PLANS | Most all US cell providers offer international calling plans that offer you a month’s worth of limited usage. Be sure to cancel the service when you get home or you will be charged again the following month and ongoing. The monthly plans are ideal if you anticipate daily communications with family back home. Check with your cell provider to be sure that family back home can make international calls without insane charges as well. We recommend that you call your provider and ask what international calling plan options they offer.
INTERNATIONAL DAY PASSES | Some US cell providers, such as AT&T, have “per-day” international day pass plans that charges a fixed fee per day (AT&T is $12), and only activates the charge when you text or make a call. You are charged only for that one day and you may use the Indian networks as much as you want that day only. If you don’t anticipate many texts or calls with family back home, or none at all, it may be better to choose the per-day plan. It’s nice to have the day pass just in case you need to make calls in an emergency. Without a day pass, an unexpected use of the phone can be very expensive due to international roaming charges.