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AyurSoma Ayurveda Royal Retreat


Our place of stay for the Sacred Sap Retreat in Kerala is the famous AyurSoma Ayurveda Royal Retreat on the Arabian Sea beach south of Trivandrum.
Both single and double-room accommodations are offered. Rooms are Palace Deluxe rooms, all with Arabian Sea views. There are two queen-sized beds for assigned roommates and one for singles or couples. If you have a preferred roommate, please inform us; otherwise, you will be given a roommate of similar gender and age.

AyurSoma Ayurveda Royal Retreat

AyurSoma Ayurveda Royal Retreat is the newest addition to its parent properties next door, Somatheeram and Manaltheeram. These three “Ayurveda retreat centers” are respected as the world’s first Ayurveda clinics offering traditional Kerala style Ayurveda treatments with resort quality accommodations, healing outdoor gardens and beaches, and culinary quality fare in its famous restaurants. Throw in world class services on beach front locations on the Arabian Sea, and well, it really can’t get any better. Healing always occurs best in nature. AyurSoma is located 30-45 minutes south of Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, and Trivandrum International Airport (TRV), our gateway of travel. All of the properties are lushly gardened and situated either atop or below beach bluffs which give our place of retreat a gorgeous view of and access to the Arabian Sea. Guests are welcome to explore all properties and use any location’s pool and restaurant.

The Ayurveda Centre

The AyurSoma Ayurveda Centre is conveniently located on the AyurSoma property, just a short walk away from all private accommodations. The Centre staff of almost two dozen masterfully trained and experienced Vaidyas (Ayurveda doctors) and 90 well-trained Ayurveda body treatment therapists are ready to conduct many Kerala-style Ayurvedic treatments. Many of these professionals have family lineages of doctors and treatment therapists that go back many generations. The Sacred Sap Retreat focuses on rasayana treatment modalities, which rejuvenate body weakness, slow down the aging process, reduce the effects of stress and jet lag, calm the mind, cultivate a sattvic presence, and help open the heart center to the beauty around us. These rasayana treatments include abhyanga (warm oil massage), Marmachikitsa, Shirodhara (third eye oil streams), Pizzichili oil baths, and the limited use of Panchakarma (detoxification) modalities.
The Sacred Sap Retreat participants will enjoy a daily visit to the AyurSoma Ayurveda Centre on the property for two hours of Kerala-style warm oil rejuvenative massage. Vaidyas will first conduct an Ayurvedic assessment to ensure that the correct treatment modalities, oils, and herbs are used in your sessions.
These are the Vaidyas, or Ayurveda doctors, that assess and develop the treatment plan.
Ayurvedic treatment therapists are the hands on practitioners who administrate treatments.
AyurSoma has 30 treatment rooms designed specifically for Ayurvedic treatments
Herbal Medicine Manufacturing Unit, Somatheeram Herb Gardens, and Ayurveda Academy

Resort Amenities

  • Ayurveda treatments at Ayurveda Centre
  • Airport transfer included
  • Free wifi
  • Telephone
  • Safe deposit locker
  • Safe keeping of baggage
  • Doctor on call
  • Money change at reception
  • Gift shops on site and on local street
  • Tours and excursions
  • Room service
  • Clean bottled water
  • Laundry services
  • Mail and message handling
  • Beach towels and umbrellas
  • Credit cards accepted