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Itinerary Vision & Package

The Journey Begins in the South

The vision for the Sacred Sap Retreat is to create a safe, healing environment and a series of exotic experiences that will connect you to the pure, gentle beauty of South India, and to your inner heart center. When surrounded by a living divine beauty, the heart swoons. We will need this healing transition before heading north on the Post Retreat Tour.
A week of calm, slow, grounding in the south connects us to our true light nature. Surrounded by south Indian aesthetics, spirituality and Ayurveda, we have no choice but to slow down and resonate with it’s pure sattvic beauty. The heart is awakened, and the spirit nourished.
We will meet mythical elephants, float through the Kerala pristine backwaters, visit a Hindu temple, all of which nourish heart and soul. Allow the jungled lush gardens of Somatheeram, the sweet Kerala people, the fragrant flavors of south Indian cuisine, and the songs of the Arabian Sea and tropical birds to soothe the subtle body, pacify life stresses, ground jet lag, and prepare you for the deeper journey ahead in Varanasi.
The journey from sattvic south to the transformational energies of the north is a beautiful process that we know you will love.

Ayurveda Treatments

During our stay in Kerala, group participants will enjoy 2 hours of Ayurvedic massages and rejuvenation treatments daily. These treatments serve to calm the bodymind and allow the nutritive powers of the Ayurvedic herbal oils to ground, nourish, and replenish body, mind and soul. Plan to get oiled up head to toe with warm, pure, homemade herbally infused oils tailored to your doshic constitution. Also plan to be as relaxed as you’ve ever been in your life.

Elephant Excursion

Meet Kumari, one of dozens of Indian forest elephants resident to the Kottoor Kappukadu Elephant Rehabilitation Centre, just a 90 minute drive from Somatheeram. We will meet several elephants like Kumari up close and yes, they are gorgeous. Some would say mythic! These are rehabilitating elephants, recovering from injury, or lost from their herds. With luck we will be allowed to help bathe them in a fresh water forest lake.

Hindu Temple

Join us for a sunset visit to a nearby authentic Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva, his consort Parvati, and Ganesha for an experience you will never forget. See how Hindu temples are beautifully designed and how their exquisite ceremonies serve the spiritual needs of the community. We will perform a group Ganesha Puja to remove the inner obstacles of our life.

South Indian Cuisine

Masala dosas, iddlies, coconut chutney, sambar! Somatheeram offers incredible South Indian cuisine and Ayurvedic meals paired to the needs of your doshic constitution or imbalances. Package buffet meals are vegetarian. Breakfast buffet includes omelettes. Curried fish and chicken options are available at additional cost. If you love Indian food, you will be in heaven breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will love the exotic flavors on Kerala style cooking.

Backwaters Excursion

Another of our excursions, we will take a bus to the edge of the famous Kerala backwaters where we will jump in small boats and explore these pristine magical water worlds which are common up and down the porous coastline of Kerala. We’ll see beautiful tropical birds, Kerala children playing and bathing in the fresh waters, and bring your bathing suit for a dip in the Arabian Sea!

Morning Yoga

Our guest yoga teachers will serve up a beautiful morning practice of gentle flow yoga, pranayama, and meditation paired to the inner process of your journey. The yoga space has an open walled design over looking the Arabian Sea. The sounds of ocean waves, nearby village life, and tropical birds keeps us mindful, connected, and inspired in our practice.


The Sacred Sap Retreat package includes everything you will need to relax and enjoy the India experience in a safe and comfortable manner.

Sacred Sap Retreat Includes:

  • Five (5) nights accommodations at AyurSoma Ayurveda Palace Resort located on the beach just south of the city of Trivandrum (state of Kerala)
  • Three meals per day with your choice of traditional Kerala cuisine or cleansing ayurvedic diet tailored to your constitution. Vegan, vegetarian, and seafood options available.
  • Daily 2-hour Ayurvedic full-body warm oil rejuvenation massage and other treatments from trained Ayurveda doctors and body therapists.
  • Daily morning gentle yoga practice overlooking the sea with guest teachers.
  • Daily talks on ayurveda, swasthavritta (enlightened self-care), rasayana, the fluid body, ojas, rejuvenation, healthy aging, and longevity
  • Special Sunset Ganesh Puja at Shiva Temple: throw and crack coconuts for removal of inner and outer obstacles + Shiva temple ceremony
  • Half-day boat tour of the lush jungle “backwaters” of Kerala
  • Half-day visit to Kali Temple

Not included:

  • International airfare not included.
  • Tips: Ayurveda staff, restaurant staff, room service, housekeeping, laundry, baggage handling, taxi & bus drivers
  • Restaurant incidentals: non-buffet menu items, room service, etc
  • Personal shopping!