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Elephant Ride

Special Event: Elephant Rides at Somatheeram

On Day 4 of the Sacred Sap Retreat, we will try to invite an elephant to visit us at the neighboring Somatheeram property for an elephant ride. If we are successful, and each year is different, a local elephant caretaker will walk this beautiful Asian elephant to the Somatheeram property for our group to meet, pet, and ride – if you’re adventurous enough to climb on! No worries, it’s very safe and a once in a lifetime thing to do! If you prefer not to ride, stop by to say hello anyway. His name is Krishnakumar and he is 15 years young. Ask the caretaker for Krishnakumar to give you a “Ganesha Blessing”! The elephant will touch your crown chakra with this trunk. Be sure to get a photo of that!