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Sunrise Puja to Divine Mother

On our first morning in Varanasi we will arrive at the Ganges River in the old city of Varanasi just before sunrise. We will explore the main ghat, meet our tour guide, and acquire our row boat. The boat will take us for a short tour of the river side temples. Then we will row out to the middle of the river and initiate a sacred traditional puja, or ceremony, to the Divine Mother. Each guest will be given a floating flower offering composed of fresh flowers and a small tea light made of ghee. We will light our offers together as a group and then pray to the Divine Mother in silence.
The ceremony is an internal one, in silence with closed eyes. In prayer we will connect with the Goddess, in the form of Ma Ganga. This holiest of pujas is very powerful. It is said that whatever one prays for in this space comes true immediately. We pray for healing, for spiritual deliverance, for salvation, and for happiness. Pray for what you need to grow and heal in this lifetime. Pray for Her to take what limits you, as well as for what will bring you joy and freedom in this life. Once your prayer is complete, we will place the lit flower offerings into the river for her to receive.