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2024 Journey to India & Nepal

Tour Date: February 6-17, 2024

The 2024 Journey to India & Nepal will focus on three locations: Kerala, Varanasi, and Kathmandu. We start in Kerala, South India, with the Sacred Sap Retreat to transition and rejuvenate via Ayurveda. Then the Post Retreat Tour to Varanasi and Kathmandu for the adventure travel of a lifetime.
Sevanti Adventures offers life-changing tours through the epicenters of sacred India. We also avoid overly commercialized, touristy spiritual centers. Sevanti Adventures bases its itinerary on wellness, cultural, and spiritual immersion experiences in locations that deepen our understanding of life and inspire personal growth. Let’s travel together.
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Rejuvenation in Paradise

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India’s Most Sacred City

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In the Himalayas

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Four Guides

Sevanti Adventures founder and master tour guide James Bailey has decades of experience traveling India since living there for a year in 1989.  He has returned 20+ times since, helping hundreds of guests to fulfill their India dreams.  He brings the Sevanti Adventures team: India steeped yoga teacher, Tawny Sterios, and travel agent partners Kuldeep and Ritu Sign. Every aspect of your journey is supported for your comfort, safety, and peace of mind.
  • James Bailey
    Tour Guide, Sevanti Founder
  • Tawny Sterios
    Tour Guide, Yoga Teacher
  • Kuldeep and Ritu Singh
    Tour Guides, Travel Operations
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Ayurveda • Temples • Sadhus • Ganges • Himalayas

It is said in India that Yoga is the science of the human experience. Down south, dive deep into ecstatic morning yoga sessions and Ayurveda rejuvenation treatments overlooking the Arabian Sea. Explore the jungle Backwaters. Make a life offering at a Kali Temple. Up north, sit with sadhus (yogi holy men) who share their spiritual journey, and the meaning of yoga, and take questions as our guides paddle our rowboat along the Ganges River in sight of temples, bathing ghats, and cremation ghats. Then on to Nepal for a Himalayan Buddhist and Hindu adventure. Nourish your life experience!

10 hours of Ayurvedic massage

You read that right. Ten hours of Ayurvedic massage and treatments like shirodhara in Kerala. That’s why we call the Kerala segment the Sacred Sap Retreat. Every journey should start in a calm, relaxed manner. Only then can we drop in and truly experience the beauty of India, and the beauty waiting within ourselves.
“You held the space while I cracked my heart over the spire of India, golden yolk, pure honey, forever changed, I feel the sway and surrender of the fisherman’s line, India is decisive yet not cut-throat, illuminating my inner peace by the way of love. There are no words, but here I try to find a meager few. Thank you! For a trip that takes one deeper down into their inner cave, where tangible life and heart merge, dance and celebrate.”

— Cole (2019 India Retreat)

Let’s travel together.

Sevanti Adventures leads individuals to sacred places within themselves and on the planet. We offer educational tools and sacred travel experiences that awaken us to the greatest gift within each of us: Self-knowledge. Known as Vidya in the ancient Sanskrit language of Yoga, there is no greater knowledge, or source of happiness and health, than the knowledge of who we are in this life.
Travel safely with us. This is your journey.